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Martin Ohls

UX Designer

Hi, my name is Martin and I'm working as a UX Designer at Evolve in Göteborg. I am a detail oriented designer with strong skills in visual design. I also know coding, mostly within frontend (HTML, CSS and Javascript). Please scroll down to read about some of the projects that I've been involved in. I've developed this website myself, I hope you enjoy it!

Tajma - iOS app from idea to realization

In early 2015, I got the idea of a new kind of app related to travelling with public transportation. The app is now available on App Store.

The app, Tajma, shows you departure times for public transports, faster and more convenient than any other competing service. You open the app and select your favourite bus lines for a bus stop. When you are physically close to one of your favorite bus stops, you will see the bus departure times in iPhone's Notification Center. With Tajma you don't even have to unlock your phone to see the departure time of the bus, tram or boat you are about to catch. My friend Rashwan has programmed the iOS app, while I am responsible for the user interface design, branding, and marketing of the application. I have also developed Tajma's website by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and a promotional video that's embedded below. Why don’t you try the app yourself? It's for free and you can download it directly from App Store.

Stena Recycling Website

A new external website was developed for Stena Recycling. I was in charge of the UX design and our team from Sigma also involved one Art Director, Project Managers, a System Architect and developers.

Based on user surveys, user data, and a new company graphic profile, my job was to create an interactive prototype of the website, and iteratively present solutions to the client. I was also involved in the role as Art Director to work with the graphic design of the website. The website is live right now, and you may take a look at it here.

Tablet App for Field Workers - From pen and paper to a digital solution

In this project Sigma conducted a pre-study with the purpose to investigate how a digital solution could optimize the client's field workers activities such as planning of their work days and inputting data to the company’s database.

Our team consisted of a project manager, a technical expert, two interaction designers and one graphic designer. My role as a interaction designer involved activities such as conducting interviews, observe field workers in their working environment, gather information and data, and conduct user tests. The pre-study resulted in an interactive prototype, graphical guidelines, and a suggested technical platform that was proven to meet the difficult technical requirements from the client. Because of the complex nature of the solution a lot of time was spent in the research/'get-to-know' phase of the project, where we invloved the users as much as possible.

B2B iOS & Android Apps Project

The project was initiated by Sigma in Oslo, Norway. My role was to ensure the user experience of the products, as well designing app concepts and final app designs.

In 2014 Sigma in Norway started their investment in a business-to-business mobile app project. The idea was to develop small and goal-specific apps for companies to subscribe to. I joined the project in spring 2015 when the team was enlarged with people from the Gothenburg office. My role was to set up working structures that ensured the quality of the user experience of the apps, as well as working with new app concepts and developing user-friendly and intuitive app UI designs. In the fall 2015 the project involved almost 30 employees at Sigma, with people working from Norway, Sweden and Ukraine. The project was mentioned in Norweigan media and here you can read an article that was published on

Factoring and Loan Management Web App

In 2014-2015 I was involved in creating two web apps for a client in the financial business. The solutions were custom tailored for the specific client, and much effort was put into understanding the user and business needs before reaching the final user interface design.

Sigma was assigned to create a factoring management web app for a major client in Sweden. It was an agile project where we worked in close collaboration with the client throughout the whole project. My role in the team was, together with another interaction designer, to create the system's user interface and ensure the usability and look of the final product. As an interaction- and graphic designer I created an interactive prototype of the interface in Axure RP Pro. We also conducted several user tests to ensure that we designed for the real end-users. The web app was released in the end of November 2014 and the client has been very pleased. Here you can read the press release after the launch of the factoring web app. Just after the launch we created a loan management web app for the same client. In that project I was soley responsible for the application's UI design.

Admin Web App for Muncipality in Sweden

This project was made for a municipality in Sweden. Sigma was asked to develop a responsive web app that would ease administrative work load for employees.

Before the client’s employees administrated the leasing of land by using a shared spreadsheet file. This was time consuming and not a sustainable solution for the future. The Sigma team involved three developers and I as a designer. I was responsible for the interaction design as well the graphic design of the web app’s user interface. Through dialog with users and IT-experts at the municipality we increased our understanding of the user needs and technical needs. We worked in an agile approach, which involved close communication with the client. The client has been very pleased with the solution that Sigma developed and it is currently in use by the municipality employees.

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